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About Digital Fractional CMO

A number of business owners have internal debates about the best way to allocate their digital marketing budgets. Do you hire an agency to manage your business’ digital marketing efforts, or do you hire an in-house marketing manager and expect he or she to manage all of your content, social media channels, SEO, Adwords, traditional marketing, newsletter, e-mail marketing, and more?

Does every business owner or in-house marketing manager fully understand complicated digital marketing channels such as SEO, Adwords marketing, and the evolution of digital marketing in the era of AI?



Digital fractional CMO
Fractional CMO digital analytics

Is your current digital marketing agency actually digging deeper into analytics for your business’ service offerings to identify potential for improvement, or are they simply going through the paces every month?

Maybe you’re simply too busy running your business, and you’re looking to take some marketing tasks off of your plate, while not having to go through the process and expense of hiring a full-time employee?

If any of this sounds like you, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Our Services

Vendor Management

If you currently use a digital marketing agency for your SEO, PPC, or other digital marketing services, we can help you manage the vendor on an ongoing basis to maximize performance. We will analyze your website analytics traffic, Google Search Console data, Google Business profile data, and other data sources to uncover untapped potential to make sure you’re reaching your target audience.

Website Management

Thinking about bringing your website in-house? Maybe you want a second set of eyes on your WordPress website to make sure there are no security vulnerabilities? Whatever the case may be, we have been working with WordPress as a CMS since it was a blogging platform, and we have the technical “chops”
 to assist you with your website.

Strategy Consultation

Looking for a second set of eyes on your ongoing digital marketing strategy? Looking for someone to review your website’s content to make strategic improvements? Would you like to discuss ways to effectively reach your local target audience? Let’s discuss how we can review your current digital marketing strategy and suggest improvements to your SEO, PPC, or other digital marketing strategy.

About Me

Digital fractional chief marketing officer George Murphy has been in digital marketing since 2005. He started off as a freelance SEO consultant, later working in-house as a Director for a number of digital marketing agencies, in addition to working as a Marketing Director for a personal injury law firm. He also runs his own digital agency which specializes in SEO, PPC, website development, and more.

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